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Bill Newton (also known as Newton Bill in reverse) is the main protagonist of Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2. He has varies in the total of main 4 changes of himself.

Appearance Development[]

In the earliest version whether when he was tested before September 2012, around the mid-month, Bill's face was seen as a prototype and as the first form, his jeans were lighter blue, his gloves was orange, and his shoes are purple. He also had light brown hair with dreadlocks on the side, and his whole appearance was low-quality and slightly pixelated. This version of Bill can be seen in the houses in the Haunted map.

Then changed into a prototype of his modern form. His hair was black, and he wore a bright red shirt, bright blue long pants, and a bright red hat. His gloves were also black, and his facial expression was changed to a grumpier-looking one.

Then, Bill Newton was then remodelled when he had released in September 2012, a red hat, light brown hair, beard, red sweater, black gloves, blue jeans and black leather shoes. His third form was called the Original Gangster. After 4 years appeared in Fingersoft's first mobile game, he has remastered as his new, fourth form called Modern, because he had made since October 2016, and big changes with difference of each forms. His modern form has red flannel (also known as red plaid shirt with flannel), dark blue jeans, bare hands, dark brown hair, beard, dirty white with yellow-blue striped and plaid blue shoelace snickers.



  • He was banned from the Junkyard because the junkyard is full of his old vehicles.
  • The modern Bill Newton was used in Hill Climb Racing 2.
  • Ceramic put the 2016 form of Bill Newton in HCR1.
  • The driver in Hill Climb Racing 2 seems to be bigger than him in Hill Climb Racing or original one.
  • On map Haunted in haunted houses you can see the prototype version of Bill Newton.
  • According to the original game (2012) his name was not mentioned inside the gameplay, however, they mentioned in app's description on Google Play Store.

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