The rooftop is a simple level that still differs from the others- it is mostly made of flat rooftops, so many more vehicles are a viable option, due to the fact that engine power is needed a lot less. There are however, planks that are relatively steep, and will stop large vehicles from passing, such as the dragster or police car, that get stuck. It seems to be on the roof of some apartments. there are also big jumps that must be made, otherwise it's game over. Fast vehicles will mostly be off the ground in this level, due to the steep ramps, such as the rally car, and race car. This can prove problematic, as players may find themselves landing in or next to holes, and not having enough speed to save themselves.

This level is easy for beginners, as it is flat, and easy to get far in early on. This level is also great for farming for experienced players, as they can go very far in, and easily get lots of coins. Mid-speed vehicles are surprisingly good, due to the fact that they are fast enough to get up ramps, but also don't go flying and into a gap, and out of control. Large vehicles, such as the truck and dragster are not recommended, as explained above, they can get stuck on steep ramps easily.

Overall, this level is easy for beginners, and great for coins for better players, and is generally a liked level amongst the community.

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