The tank is a very underrated vehicle. It is not good initially, but becomes a viable option when upgraded to a high level. It is best on maps with dynamic objects, such as trees or pumpkins, as it is strong and can push away most obstacles with relative ease. It also has strong downforce, due to the weight, so it maintains stability. Its speed later on is a problem if the engine is not upgraded sufficiently, as this will be necessary to climb steep hills, especially after 2000m,where traction is mandatory to stay on the road.

As far as price and performance goes, this is not recommended for beginners, due to the high initial cost, and its inability to do well without upgrades, which can be costly. The tank also needs a higher skill level than most vehicles to use, due to the odd performance explained above. The initial cost of the tank is 1000000 coins.

Overall, the tank is a vehicle that takes time before being easy to use, both for upgrades and skill.